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The hurdles standing in your way


Good morning, Demetrius,


You know I am all about POSITIVE ACTION, right? 


Basically, focusing on the actions that will move you toward whatever it is that you want.


Well, today I am going to get a little <gasp!> NEGATIVE.  


It’s time to take inventory of the things that are getting in your way – the hurdles between you and your vision of success.


These hurdles drain your energy … resources … confidence … and make the journey from where you are NOW to where you want to BE longer and more challenging.


Here’s what I’m talking about.


Let’s say you have a goal of finally losing those extra pounds.


What are you doing NOW that gets in the way of making that happen?


If you’re serious about reaching success, it is time to start dealing with those obstacles.


At Savoy Fitness, we definitely do NOT recommend cutting out every obstacle at once (or maybe ever).


But it’s important to acknowledge them – because it takes their power away.


If you start by targeting those obstacles one by one, you’ll have a better chance of long-term success. 


Before you know it … those OBSTACLES will become OPPORTUNITIES.

For example:


  • If you have a goal that includes eating healthier, but you also have a midafternoon cookie habit: what if you swapped out your cookie for some fruit and nuts?
  • If you have a goal that includes getting more fit but aren’t sure what to do or don’t have enough time: what if you got guidance from a coach who can help you discover your inner athlete (even in just short bursts of time)?


DO THIS: Write down ALL of the obstacles standing between you and your 2022 vision of success.


These can even include mindset obstacles like thinking your goal is “too big” or the feeling that you’re somehow “not worthy.”


THEN: identify which obstacles are the BIGGEST hurdles between you and your goal – and also which obstacles are the EASIEST for you to tear down.


TAKE ACTION: We recommend targeting these obstacles ONE AT A TIME … alternating an EASY hurdle with a BIG one!


Rather than trying to go cold turkey on all of your obstacles at once, find a REPLACEMENT or something you can do instead.


At Savoy Fitness, we specialize in helping busy moms and dads eliminate stubborn fat, gain confidence, and get healthy again with a proven plan for RESULTS.


If you’re ready to ramp up YOUR success and eliminate your obstacles, our Large and Small Group Programs can help. Learn more here:

Committed to your Success,

Savoy Fitness

 Hands on Nutrition Challenge

Hands on Nutrition Challenge orientation kicks off Saturday at 10:15 AM. We have 10 spots left.


What is the difference between this challenge vs past challenges? 

  • Welcome Packet (Includes how to build better meals + Grocery List + more) from NC FIT
  • Different challenge daily
  • Simplified Scorecard (Checklist + Details on how to win)
  • Easy link based point submission

Here are the people who won from our last challenge.


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