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Mindset switch: it’s not about goals, but about SUCCESS


Good morning, Demetrius,


Welcome to 2022! 


If you’re not already feeling FIRED UP for SUCCESS … this mini mindset exercise will help you get there. (And if you are, it will take it to the next level!)


Chances are you’ve set quite a few goals in the past. Just the fact that you’re on my email list is a pretty good hint that you’re focused and goal-oriented.


Well today, we’re going to crank that up a bit.


What if this year, we expanded the idea of “goals” into something even BIGGER – a vision of SUCCESS. 


Think about what would make 2022 a successful year for you.


What would you look back on in amazement, pride, and excitement? 


I’m not just talking about health & fitness goals (though those are incredibly important)… 


I’m talking about ALL ASPECTS of your life – career, family, social network, spiritual connection, etc.


What would you look back on and think, “Wow, look at what I did!”?


You know you’re on the right track with your “success vision” when you:

1) Feel yourself start to smile and/or 

2) Get some butterflies in your stomach


And here’s where the rubber meets the road….


It’s time to live “AS IF” you’ve already reached that success.


What would your day look like today if you ALREADY achieved that success? 


What daily habits you would have picked up along the way? 


It’s time to start DOING THEM now – to adopt the habits of that future version of yourself. 


This is one of the most sure-fire ways to turn your goals into reality – it helps you learn and build the skills, habits, and mindset that will support your vision of success.


And even more importantly, it helps you create LIFESTYLE change where this “new way of living” becomes almost automatic. 


At Savoy Fitness, we’re not about quick fixes or yo-yo’ing results. We’re all about creating real, lifelong change. 


We want your “New Year” goals to become permanent, so you’re not setting the same goals year after year. 


We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them:

  1. Build better meals, control intake to produce better workouts and form better habits
  2. Help develop long-lasting practices that drive long-term gains
  3. Teach clients the value in building & developing healthy habits in order to bring about long-lasting health benefits

If you want a roadmap to help you achieve these same results, you don’t have time to wait! Your future “you” is waiting for you!


We are looking for 3 men and 3 women who want to slim down, tone up, and take back control of their health again. If this sounds like you please click the link below to learn more about our Nutrition Challenge. Hurry because spots will go fast. 


Let’s make 2022 one of the best years of your life.

Committed to your Success,

Savoy Fitness


Sign-up for the Hands on Nutrition Challenge begins on January 3rd and you can sign up at the front desk or on our webpage that will be released on Monday. In 2022, we are making Nutrition the priority - we heard you! We are giving MUCH more focus to Nutrition this time.


Hands On Nutrition focuses on controlling intake through a very simple, yet powerful method, using your hand as a tool to measure food. 


In addition, Hands On Nutrition dials in your quality of foods by focusing on 4 main areas of nourishment: Veggies & Fruits, Lean Proteins, Carb-Dense Grains, Rice, & Roots, and Healthy Fats. 


Points are awarded for adhering to the Hands On method for quantity and quality of food. Each day, you have the opportunity to earn up to 5 points. A perfect score in Hands On Nutrition is 140 points. It’s not all about the points but the closer you get to 140 over the course of 4 weeks...the closer you will get to achieving your goals! 

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