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This sneaky mindset trap we all fall into

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The “I’ll start in January” excuse ...


Good morning, Desiree,


This mindset can make-or-break your results – especially this time of year.


It has to do with “either/or” thinking … and in a nutshell, it works like this:


Either you’re 100% on track... or you’re completely off. 


If you’ve ever said, “I’ll start in the New Year,” or “I’ll start on Monday,” chances are you were caught in this kind of thinking.


Another clue that you may be in an ‘either/or” mindset:


If you eat something “off your diet” … you completely blow it the rest of the day, instead of getting right back on track. 


Sound at all familiar? 


This mindset is sneaky because when you’re “ON” or “GOOD” ... you are all-in and feel like you’re making amazing progress. 


BUT the problem is ... it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to maintain in the long run.


One little slip-up can make you feel like a failure and want to give up – which can mean undoing ALL of the progress you made.


But there IS good news. 


There’s a happy medium that’s built on MODERATION.


It’s all about making healthy choices – choices that add value, energy, and positivity to your life ...


choices that actually make you FEEL BETTER …


without being “ON” or “OFF” or “GOOD” or “BAD.”


For example, during the holiday season that could mean:

  • Saying “yes” to a slice of your aunt’s famous pecan pie without feeling guilty, 
  • Choosing a wine spritzer instead of your uncle’s infamous eggnog loaded with heavy cream, extra sugar, and a double shot of bourbon because it’ll make you feel lousy a half-hour later, 
  • Getting your blood pumping by taking a brisk walk with your family or dog when you can’t get to the studio,
  • Going to bed by 10 p.m. so you feel rested and energized for whatever tomorrow brings, or
  • Chugging a glass of water first thing in the morning before pouring that cup of coffee so you feel hydrated and refreshed as you begin your day.

If you’ve been telling yourself, “I’ll wait till January to get started,” …


What if instead, you decided to make deliberate choices on a case-by-case basis? 


You won’t lose ground – you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorites – and you can break out of that “good” or “bad” cycle of thinking.


What do you think? 


Willing to give it a try over the next few weeks? Let me know by hitting “reply."

Committed to your Success,

Savoy Fitness


P.S. William just passed received his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification which is the #1 most recommended nutrition certification. 


If you're giving everything you've got to your workout routine - only to fill your body with bad food between sessions, you're wasting your time.


Sustainable success on any fitness journey can only happen with a combination of strategic fitness training and a healthy nutrition plan. At Savoy Fitness, we're here to offer you both.

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