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Mindfulness and your wellness/fitness goals


Good morning, Stephanie,


Have you ever said to yourself ...


“I know WHAT I need to do. So WHY can’t I get myself to do it?”


Well … you’re not alone. And you’re also in luck because this month we’re going to take a deep dive into all things MINDSET.


Because if you KNOW what you need to do … it might just be your mindset getting in the way. 


Ideas to Inspire

It plays a powerful role in your MOTIVATION, your CHOICES, and even your HAPPINESS.


And being mindful has a lot to do with your mindset. 


“Mindfulness” sounds like one of those “woo-woo” terms that can mean pretty much anything you want it to. But science shows it can actually:


  • Boost your results with your workouts,
  • Make it easier to make healthy food choices,
  • Improve your day-to-day feeling of contentment, and even
  • Play a role in your long-term health.


And you know what? 


For my clients, one of the biggest benefits they tell me about is that they finally stop “going through the motions” of what they think they SHOULD do. 


It takes a little practice, but wow is it worth it. They experience a whole new level of fulfillment - and now they actually WANT to stick to their program …


instead of continuing to yo-yo their way through life. 


This is a big reason why our clients get such impressive results. 


So what actually IS mindfulness? 


In a nutshell, it’s when you’re present and in the driver’s seat for your own life. 


Too often we’re in “auto-pilot” mode and let our habits run our life. 


It’s the fastest way to stay “stuck” or even go backward. 


That’s why I’m excited to dive in and share a few of the actionable strategies we teach our clients on how you can apply mindfulness into your OWN life to achieve goals … that actually LAST. 

At Savoy Fitness, we provide a free nutrition guide for all new clients. 


Committed to your Success,

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